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ISSA 2018: Where Have You Stopped the Mop?

November 7, 2018   http://kaiv.ac/4c229W
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ISSA 2018 Diego Beitha & Oscar Beitha

Last week thousands of cleaning professionals gathered in Dallas, Texas for the annual ISSA show. Though the photo op with Icky the Mop was definitely a highlight of the show floor, we also took the opportunity to ask booth visitors the question, “Where have you stopped the mop or where would you like to stop the mop?” Check out their answers below!


ISSA 2018 Mary Price

“Anyone using a mop in a hospital or lab should stop. It’s inconvenient, it doesn’t clean, and it’s disgusting.
-Mary Price, American Cleaning & Hygiene


ISSA 2018 Tony Tyler

“We’ve stopped the mop in restrooms and locker rooms. In locker rooms Kaivac helps remove germs and keep MRSA down. It makes a big difference!”
-Tony Tyler, Old Dominion University


ISSA 2018 Radomir Gonec

“Anywhere you have been mopping is where you should stop the mop! You can’t clean a floor with one, you only spread dirt.”
-Radomir Gonec, Fitch Co.


ISSA 2018 Ersel Bogan

“We’d love to stop the mop, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. You’re just carrying germs to the kitchen from the bathroom. We’re trying to keep up with the industry and work smarter, not harder.”
-Ersel Bogan, J Bar Maintenance & Services


ISSA 2018 Vera Glass

“We stopped the mop in restrooms. We have the No-Touch 1750, it’s so lightweight and easy, the cleaners love it – they fight over it! Next we want to get more machines to put one on every floor. It will make happy janitors.”
-Vera Glass, Discover Goodwill of Southern Colorado


ISSA 2018 Portia Oliver

“In food safety, mops harbor germs. The fabric holds onto debris. And it’s not just kitchens, it’s restrooms and the high risk of cross contamination. Mops are never good.”
-Portia Oliver, Regional Food Safety, Amazon


ISSA 2018 Andrew Espeth

“We’ve stopped mopping everywhere for over 10 years. Mopping is ineffective and doesn’t remove. Without mops we’re more efficient and worker comp claims are down.”
-Andrew Espeth, University of Texas


ISSA 2018 Caleb Ambriz

“In restrooms and in facilities with sensitive flooring.”
-Caleb Ambriz, AMQ, Inc.


ISSA 2018 Tyson Ferguson

“I’ve stopped the mop in gas station restrooms. We never mopped, when we started the business we chose Kaivac because it’s easy to use and faster.”
-Tyson Ferguson, Scent Smart


ISSA 2018 Alex Fehr & Cheryl Mueller

“Currently in locker rooms, restrooms, and stairwells. Mops are really bad where we’re from because there’s so much salt in the winter. Mops don’t remove the salt, so the majority of it is still on the floor when it dries. Next we’d like to stop the mop in kitchens and sports facilities. It would turn a three person job into a two person job.”
-Alex Fehr & Cheryl Mueller, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point


ISSA 2018 Diego Beitha & Oscar Beitha

“We want to stop the mop in large buildings with long hallways, it will save hours of work. Mops are obsolete, impractical, and not sanitary.”
-Diego Beitha & Oscar Beitha, Sparkling Cleaning


ISSA 2018 Michelle Kujath & Estelle Dejonge

“It’s much easier to clean a stadium and locker rooms without a mop”
-Michelle Kujath & Estelle Dejonge, University of Nebraska Lincoln


ISSA 2018 Grady Ott

“We use Kaivac in the restroom and it makes the biggest impact in the grout. I love it because it doesn’t take jobs, it enhances jobs.”
-Grady Ott, Simon Fraser University


Thanks to all who stopped by at ISSA 2018! If these users haven’t convinced you to stop the mop, maybe Icky the Mop can here.

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