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Icky the Mop vs. The Janitor’s Cart With Superpowers

September 11, 2018   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Ym3
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It’s time to say good-bye to the mop and hello to the janitor’s cart with superpowers, AKA, the Kaivac OmniFlex SUV. This all-in-one system replaces mops, buckets, wet vacuums, dust mops, and in some cases, even autoscrubbers. No wonder Icky the Mop is nervous. Watch the final installment of our new video series to find out what happens when the “king of cleaning” realizes he doesn’t stand a chance against Kaivac.

Icky the Mop Catches Benji Consorting with the Enemy

What happens when Icky the Mop sees his mopping mentee, Benji, laughing and talking with a janitor who is using Kaivac’s Omniflex SUV? Icky is already paranoid because of Kaivac’s Stop the Mop movement. Will this be more than he can take?


Kaivac’s Stop the Mop Movement is Giving Icky the Mop Insomnia

Icky confides to Benji that he isn’t sleeping well because of Kaivac’s Stop the Mop movement. He’s having a recurring dream where mops are banned from the places they’ve always been the “kings of cleaning.” Will mops have a place in the future of cleaning, or will Icky’s dream come true? Icky certainly hopes for the former.


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