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ENTRANCEWAYS: How to Keep Customers Coming Back

November 15, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Vfp
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ENTRANCEWAYS: How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Keeping up with cleaning entranceways at your restaurant can be an arduous, thankless job. However, it’s critical for ensuring repeat customers and building a thriving business.

You have to take into account the normal in-and-out traffic, the greasy food particles that end up on the floor, and the seasonal concoction of rain, snow, slush, and salt. Keeping your entranceways inviting, clean, and safe is hard enough, but in the winter, it can really be a nightmare. Not only can slips and falls harm your customers, your employees, and ultimately your business, but you could end up with a health hazard on your hands.

The Challenge of Entranceways and How to Overcome It

One of the biggest challenges to the entranceway is keeping the grouted tile clean. If you rely on mop cleaning, you risk slips and falls, because the floors don’t dry quickly. Also, it’s extremely difficult to keep the grout lines clean. When you mop, all the gunk gathers in the grout line. When it dries, soils, mineral deposits, scum, and potential biopollutants take over the grout lines, which will start to darken.

The best way to guarantee hazard-free, welcoming entryways is to use a cleaning system like the OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac for Food Service. The food service model is a specialized version of the OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac, in which you apply cleaning solution to the floor, brush the tile and grout lines, and then vacuum the soils and liquid away. Your floors are left clean and perfectly dry.

The specialty food service model is optimized with a stronger hose that resists grease and trans fat. It also sports a wand for brushing. There is also a deluxe model with additional accessories; it has a speed spreader and a squeegee that covers a bigger swath of flooring.

The Importance of Mats and How to Clean Them

One of the key elements of keeping your entryway as clean as possible is placing mats just inside the door. This helps absorb the excess soils, snow, moisture, and everything else that adheres to the mats before being traipsed into the restaurant. It’s just as important to keep the mats clean as it is to keep the actual floors clean.

For the entrance mats, just add the Carpet Extraction Brush Head attachment. Instantly transform your OmniFlex vacuum wand into a carpet and matting extraction tool.

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