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CLEANING IS A SCIENCE: Data Powered Change

November 17, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Vf9
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Data Powered Change

At Kaivac, we believe cleaning is a science. One of the most powerful tools the industry has is scientific measurement. When you have solid data, it can power true and lasting change in your cleaning program. We asked some cleaning professionals about data, measurement, and the future of the cleaning industry. Here’s what they had to say:

“Data helps with quality assurance. It gives a guideline for cleaning.”

–Dawana Simpson, Temple University




“Science is changing the way people clean. It has to be cleaned AND proven that it’s clean.”

–Scott Kozendaal, Spillz



“Everyone adapts to new technology, why should it be different in the cleaning industry?”

–Domingos M. Silva, Tulare Union High



Alan-Bennet-SaniClean“The industry is pushing towards measurement. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

–Alan Bennet, SaniClean




Angelina-Silvia“We’d like to begin using data and measurement to show evidence to the city when we need more resources or labor. Tracking is powerful.”

–Angelina Huang & Elvia Garcia, City of Los Angeles



Danny-Conard“Data can really influence decision makers. Once you get them onboard, it’s all downhill from there.”

–Danny Conard, Equipment Specialist for Waxie Sanitary Supply




Mike-Lombardozzi“Data powered cleaning is a disruptive force for this industry. Some people may take longer to catch on, but it’s moving that direction no matter what.”

–Mike Lombardozzi, Kaivac Director of National Accounts

Pete-Velez“Measuring in the cleaning business helps develop the industry. It provides a means to stay ahead of the curve and be more efficient.”

–Pete Velez, Signature Building Maintenance Co.




Blanca-Torres“The industry will lean toward data powered change because it will save time and money.”

–Blanca Torres, Brio Solutions



Vera-Glass“We can see the difference in our eyes, and in the data. We’ve compared Kaivac to other cleaning systems, and we always come back.”

–Vera Glass, Discover Good Will of Southern and Western Colorado

When cleaning is a science, data can power transformative change in your cleaning operation. Read our recent article on the Science of Infection here.

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