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PREVENTION 101: Avoiding Costly Slip and Fall Accidents

November 17, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Vfd
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PREVENTION 101: Avoiding Costly Slip and Fall Accidents

When it comes to running a business and keeping both customers and employees happy, business owners have enough to worry about, so the surprise expense of slip and fall accidents can be more than many owners can handle. Given how expensive these accidents can be, in terms of both time and money, business owners have to take every precaution necessary to ensure that their floors are as safe as possible.

The High Cost of Slip and Fall Accidents

Even extremely minor slips and falls, those that don’t result in injury, can have a halting effect on a business, because employees and managers have to stop to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, most of these types of accidents are much more serious. The 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index pegs same-level falls as the second leading cause of injuries in the workplace, with an annual cost of over $70 billion between workman’s compensation and medical costs, according to ISSA.

What’s more, slip-and-fall accidents are more likely to result in time away from work when compared to other kinds of accidents, with a median of eight days out of work compared to six, according to the ISSA report. Additionally, 30 percent of same-level slip and fall accidents result in more than 21 days of work lost.

As costly as these accidents can be when they happen to employees, they can be even more costly when a customer is injured. There is really no limit to how much a lost tort case can cost a business, and even if the business is able to successfully defend itself, it’s still out the cost of defending itself in court and any poor press that may result from a publicized incident.

Prevention Requires True Cleaning

Many business floors are porous, and over time contaminants and detergents can build up in these pores and bond to the surfaces to make them perpetually slippery. Mopping can make the floor look clean for a few minutes, but the relatively short soak time and the natural limitations of a mop mean that even after the floor has dried, it is likely just as soiled as it was before it was mopped, adding to the build up.

What business owners need to protect themselves against costly accidents is a cleaning solution that actually cleans the floors instead of just moving the dirt, grease, and contaminants around. This new wave of business cleaning solutions, such as Kaivac’s OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac, uses always-fresh cleaning solution and tough agitation techniques from high-quality brushes and squeegees to further release the dirt. Then, most importantly, they include a vacuum to actually remove the soil and other contaminants from the surface.

Best of all, when a vacuum is used to remove the soiled water and cleaning solution, the floor winds up drying in a fraction of the time when compared to mopping. This means that the solution can be used for general cleaning and for spot cleaning spills without worrying about employees or customers slipping on the wet floor for hours afterward.

No business owner can ensure that floors will always be slip-proof, but by instituting a regular cleaning regimen and using advanced tools to minimize the amount of time that floors will be slippery, many of these expensive slip and fall accidents can be avoided.

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