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Announcing the Stop the Mop Educational Campaign!

September 22, 2016   http://kaiv.ac/4c1Xyk
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If you want to stop this, you have to stop this

Today, September 22, we are launching Stop the Mop, an educational campaign to inform the public about the inferior cleaning of mops and the existence of healthier, more effective floor care methods.

“Our team at Kaivac has been developing disruptive floor care solutions for almost 20 years,” said Kaivac VP of Marketing, Tom Morrison. “Today, even though we have access to effective and affordable technology that removes 99.9% of targeted bacteria, the vast majority of professional cleaners still use mops – a medieval technology that only removes about 50% of targeted bacteria. That is why we launched this campaign.”

At a time when infectious diseases have the power to close down facilities, and public restrooms can be transmission points for Norovirus, Shigella, and Hepatitis A, our Stop the Mop campaign aims to be a turning point in the impact of floor care on public health.

Browse the rest of the website to learn the disgusting truth about mops. Follow Kaivac on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the campaign. Visit us at ISSA Chicago 2016 booth #5257 to see our Stop the Mop solutions.

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