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Abandon Your Cleaning Cart and Stop the Mop

April 7, 2017   http://kaiv.ac/4c1XmK
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Face it. We’re having a love affair with technology. And who can blame us? Gadgets like smart phones and Nest thermostats transform the mundane experience of making a call or setting a comfortable temperature into a simple, beautiful and effective moment. The best technology, however, goes beyond the “gee whizz” and solves real world problems. Take mops for instance.  Sure they’re inexpensive, easy to operate and have been around forever. But they also take a lot of time and physical energy to use and don’t really get the job done. Luckily new technology lets business owners abandon the cleaning cart and stop the mop.

Why Upgrade?

Mops are definitely in need of a technology upgrade. Cleaning a floor with a classic string mop and bucket requires a fair amount of exertion, taking a physical toll on your cleaning crew. Mopping is also time consuming and leaves the floor wet, which presents a slip and fall hazard for customers and employees alike.

Even after completing all of that work, string mops don’t really remove soils as much as spread them around. In fact, studies have shown that traditional mops can leave anywhere from 30-60% of soils behind. This presents a real hazard as bacteria and pathogens from the restroom can cross contaminate the rest of your facility.

There’s an App For That

This new cleaning cart technology disrupts the mopping status quo to become the first practical, whole-building solution. Advances in hardwood floor maintenance let crews tackle any job, from wide-open smooth surfaces to uneven or deeply grouted floors effectively. Clocked at cleaning 20,000 square feet per hour, the technology is three to four times faster than a traditional mop and even beats many autoscubbers. The technology dries as it goes, removing slip and fall hazards.

Most importantly, this new technology removes 99% of surface soils. This makes all facilities cleaner and safer but is especially important for food service, pharmacy and healthcare.

Geek Out Don’t Freak Out

While advancements like this are great, nothing frustrates users more than upgrades that are complicated to use or difficult to maintain. The best cleaning cart technology is easy to master, even by unskilled or part-time employees. It can also be maintained and repaired without technicians, tools or a trip to the genius bar. A small foot print makes the nimble cart easy to maneuver and store.

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